Black Lives Matter

One of WJT’s core values is community. Being a member of a community means standing in the face of adversity as an ally to fight oppression and prejudice. WJT stands for inclusivity and diversity. As we grapple with what this means as individuals, here are some resources from within our own community and abroad, to learn how we can use our own power, privileges and platforms to stand together to fight racism.

Black Space Winnipeg:

Founded by members of Winnipeg’s Black community, Black Space Winnipeg is a grassroots, organization that fosters organic dialogue on everyday experiences of being Black. Spreading perspectives of Afrocentrism, and Pro-Black conversation, Black Space Winnipeg creates safe spaces for people of colour through hosting community events, artist demonstrations and workshops. Black Space Winnipeg challenges anti-Black racism and discrimination, building inclusivity across all sectors in Winnipeg for Black people.


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent and non-partisan think tank policy research institute in Canada.

-        CCPA Home Page

-        CCPA Manitoba Office

National Museum of African American History & Culture TALKING ABOUT RACE information portal: