Young audience development
Since 1994, young audience presentations of WJT main stage plays have brought live theatre to students throughout Winnipeg. Each presentation includes a talk-back session with the actors and study guides for teachers. For more information, please call the theatre at (204) 477-7515.
Shiksa (2016)
Harry Nelken, Patricia Hunter, Andrew Cecon
Photo by Keith Levit
apprentice programs

WJT believes in fostering artists. On two occasions, WJT has been involved in Creative Manitoba Artist Mentorship program. This has allowed an emerging artist to work alongside our Artistic Director to play a role in the development of our season while gaining valuable professional experience. We have also supported emerging artists as apprentices on our individual productions. For more information on how to become a mentee or apprentice with WJT, please contact info@wjt.ca

Stars of David (2015)
Rachel Fischer, Kevin McIntyre, Debbie Maslowsky
Photo by Keith Levit
new play development

WJT is committed to producing new plays in development and plays a vital role in the development of aspiring Manitoban and Canadian playwrights. We have been involved in the development of the following new plays:

The Boy Genius by Sara Arenson
Going Home by Hanoch Reim and Sharon Bajer
Scrabble from the Apple by Sharon Bajer
Plenty Room by Liza Balkan
Summer of Semitism by Ori Black
Pain to Ppower by CJ Capital, Tracey Erin Smith, Dan Petrenko, & Seth Zosky
Good Intentions by Ginny Collins
Narrow Bridge by Daniel Thau-Eleff
Pals, Or Scenes from a Friendship by Diane Flacks & Richard Greenblatt
Pop! by David Gale
Louie’s Dilemma by Alex Poch-Goldin
The Tower by Holly Harris
The Golem’s Mighty Swing by Marcus Jamin
The Girl Beneath My Feet by Leigh-Anne Kehler
Cote Saint Joe by Daniel Libman
The Escape by Carol Matas
Shiksa by Cairn Moore
Talk by Michael Nathanson
Ivanov adapted by Michael Nathanson
The Always Prayer Shawl by Sheldon Oberman
Double Cheese Planet by Hanoch Reim
Kindertransport by Diane Samuels
By Chance Alone adapted by Emil Sher
League of Nathans by Jason Sherman
None is too Many by Jason Sherman
Sheltered by Alix Sobler 
SomeThings You Keep by Alix Sobler
The Father adapted by Julie Tepperman
The Year of the Flood by Howard Wiseman