Watch scenes from WJT's So, Nu? Festival online from Jan 18 - 24!

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre's biennial So, Nu? A Festival of New Canadian Jewish Plays is back again, and this time in a digital format.

For the last several months, WJT has been contributing to the development of a dozen new plays with Jewish themes written by playwrights from across Canada through workshops, readings, and dramaturgical support. We are excited to share some excerpts from that work with you!

We are streaming scenes from five new plays on our YouTube Channel for free from January 18th to 24th and you can see them all HERE

- Narrow Bridge by Daniel Thau-Eleff:

When Sam has a vision of drifting through the mechitzah (the barrier separating men and women in Orthodox synagogues) it launches a unique spiritual and religious journey. Sam/Sholem comes out, first as transgender and then as an Orthodox Jew. Struggling to balance family dynamics, history, activism and Talmud study, Sam wonders if, as Rabbi Nachman said, “All the world is a very narrow bridge.”

- PALS by Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt:

A new play, and the third writing/performing collaboration between award-winning playwright/actors/collaborators Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt. PALS is a semi-autobiographical look at their real friendship, which has lasted almost 30 years.

- Precipice by Primrose Madayag Knazan

In the moments before the ritual immersion to convert to Judaism, Sharrah, a young strong-willed Filipino woman, reflects upon her journey of self-discovery. As she reconciles her Filipino upbringing, her fractured family, and her future, Sharrah finds solace within Jewish tradition as religion, culture, and expectations collide.

- Seeking Refuge by Tal Shulman and Jenny Weisz

Siblings, Mia and Ben, are spending the summer with their grandmother, Millie, who informs them that she will be fostering a young Palestinian refugee named Fatima. When Mia and Ben express fear about meeting Fatima, Millie tells them a story from the 1940s about a girl named Esther, who survived the Holocaust by escaping to England.

- The Trial of William Shakespeare by Alex Poch-Goldin

An upstart theatre producer attempts to produce The Merchant of Venice in 1947 Palestine and must battle a feminist artistic director, and the British Military, as he faces his own internalized anti-Semitism on a journey toward self-acceptance. Based on a real event.

Featuring performances from:
Miranda Baran, Diane Flacks, Richard Greenblatt, Rochelle Kives, Elliot Lazar, Jennifer Lyon, Alon Nashman, Harry Nelken, Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed, Jennifer Villaverde and  Liam Zarrillo.

Workshops and/or dramaturgical support were also offered to :

- A Coveted Wife of East Van by Marn Norwich
- A Friend Named Sorrow by Leah Borchert
- Ahava Later by Hershel Blatt
- Bystander by Wren Brian
- The Narrow Place by Anton Lipovetsky
- The Sister Op by Shelley M. Hobbs

Everyone knows Dr. Ruth Westheimer from her career as a pioneering radio and television sex therapist. Few, however, know the incredible journey that preceded it. From fleeing the Nazis in the Kindertransport and joining the Haganah in Jerusalem as a sniper, to her struggle to succeed as a single mother newly-arrived in America, Mark St. Germain deftly illuminates this remarkable woman's untold story. Becoming Dr. Ruth is filled with the humour, honesty, and life-affirming spirit of Karola Ruth Siegel, the girl who became "Dr. Ruth," America’s most famous sex therapist.

Mariam Bernstein returns to her Evie award-winning performance as Dr. Ruth Westheimer in a special one week only video-on-demand online presentation.

Originally directed for the stage by Debbie Patterson

Karola Siegel fled Germany on the Kindertransport, joined the Haganah as a sniper in Israel, survived as a single mother in New York City, and eventually became North America’s most iconic sex therapist: Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Told with heart and plenty of humour, this play delivers a tour-de-force performance chronicling the life of an extraordinary woman. Mariam Bernstein, who won the 2019 Winnipeg Theatre Award for Outstanding Leading Actress for playing the legendary Dr. Ruth, returns to dazzle audiences for this digital revival.

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