A Bittersweet Shalom from Ari Weinberg

Dear WJT Community,

Seven years ago, I began serving the local Jewish and artistic communities as the Artistic Director of Winnipeg Jewish Theatre. The past seven years have been filled with great creative fulfillment, tremendous joy, and a true sense of community. Today, I am writing to share the news that I will be leaving WJT. I have accepted an exciting new dream position at a theatre company in Ontario. While I can't disclose the full details just yet, it is bittersweet because I have loved my time in Winnipeg.

I am so grateful to the WJT Board of Directors and you, our valued audience and community members, for being so supportive throughout my tenure. Your belief in the work at WJT has been an integral part of the company's continued success. Thanks to your ongoing contributions, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre is poised to continue providing meaningful works illuminating the Jewish and human experiences.

As we return to live theatre after the challenges of the pandemic, I'd like to make a final request. If my time at WJT has been meaningful to you, please consider making a "goodbye chai" donation - any denomination of $18 would be so deeply appreciated.

The Board of Directors will begin their searching for a new Artistic Director shortly. My final day at WJT is July 15. Sam McLean, our producer, will lead the company in the interim.

The info for a farewell party on June 27 is posted below. I also look forward to seeing you at the remaining performances of The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk (to June 19) and Chutzpah and Salsa (June 27 - July 3). Please come up and share one of your favourite production memories with me; I will always remain WJT's #1 fan.

With gratitude,

Ari Weinberg